Public Services

                            Public Services

                            Airport to NENU

                            Longjia Airport is located at the Longjia Town of the Erdao District of Changchun City, and 28 kilometers away from the downtown. You can have three ways to arrive at NENU:

                            1.By taxi: take about RMB 150 from the airport to NENU campus.

                            2.By airport bus: take Line 1 or Line 6 airport bus, get off at Heshun Street, transfer to No.80 Bus, and get off at the Stadium.

                            3.By Changchun-Jilin Intercity Railway: get on the train at the airport, get off at Changchun Railway Station, go through South Exit to transfer to NO.6, No.62, No.66 or No.306 Bus, and get off at Ziyou Road. 

                            Railway Station to NENU

                            1.Changchun Railway Station

                            You can have two ways to arrive at NENU:

                            a. By taxi: it takes about RMB 15 to get to NENU campus.

                            b. By bus: go through South Exit, take NO.6, No.62, No.66 or No.306 Bus, and get off at Ziyou Road.

                            2.West Changchun Railway Station 

                            Since the bus route from West Changchun Railway Station to NENU is a little complicated, it is suggested to take a taxi to NENU campus for about RMB 30.